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Business Mentoring and The Business Growth System

One thing you’ll learn about the team at North City Business Group and that is that we always say it as it is.

For example, running a business is TOUGH!

Richard Branson nearly went bust when he started Virgin Airlines (and when he created his Virgin Record shops years earlier).

…and even Steve Jobs of Apple fame got thrown out of his own company!

Tough? You bet!

But we can make it EASIER for you.

You see as you probably know all our business clients have free and unlimited access to the Business Growth System. This system will WILL help you get more enquiries, more sales and more profits.

Despite the fact that all our clients have free access to the system, our clients still find it very useful to consult with us on this system – after all we know the system very well – we built our Joondalup office into a six figure office in a matter of 8 months using this system.

We do not promise we can make everything rosy for you, but we can help eliminate many of the challenges you face on a daily basis.

As you probably know one of the biggest challenges is lack of cash flow.

Other than borrowing money (still not easy) or getting investors (not ideal since they’ll take a decent share of your business), the ONLY way to keep cash running through a business and increase cash month after month, is by selling more of your ‘stuff’ (whatever that is), either to more customers or by selling more to existing customers (preferably both).

We help our clients apply the dozens of strategies (82 tested and proven) in the BGS Vault which helps them achieve both!

By helping them utilise the Business Growth System we cannot make running their business EASY, but we can make it a far sight EASIER and more enjoyable. More money and more cash enables them to do many more things, including being able to grow their business even quicker.

But there’s another business killer that preys on many businesses! In fact, even if your cash flow is great, this assassin can still bring the business down if you’re not focused on it.

So, what is it?

Well, it’s what we call ‘The 3 Components of Running a Successful Business.

The three components are:

Sales and Marketing (of course), Process and Management.

So, whilst SALES AND MARKETING is without doubt very important it is not the be all and end all of running and growing a successful business. If you don’t also focus on the ‘process’ and ‘management’ elements of your business, then you’ll really struggle to achieve your goals and growth targets.

In truth, if you don’t pay attention to and give sufficient time to process and management then you’ll leave yourself and your business wide-open to this little-known business killer.

We find that Management and Process are easy for our clients to master.

Sales and marketing most certainly is not. That’s why the BGS Vault is so important to our clients and why we have invested so much money to provide all our clients free and unlimited access to this system.

This is also why we are happy to consult with those clients that need a little help with getting the most out of the system as possible.

The Quick-Fix Cash Strategies

Over the years, we have identified 6 strategies that make an instant impact on any business. We call them ‘The Quick-Fix Cash Strategies’!

We promise you, as long as you apply and implement them CORRECTLY they will have an instant AND lasting impact on the growth of your business, we know because we have used them successfully in our own practice.

None of them are startling, new or our creation.

They have been around for decades. But few businesses use them and if they do, they rarely use them to their maximum effect!

Here they are…

  • Get Better & More Testimonials & Use them in All Your Marketing
  • Collect the Contact Details of Customers (mainly relevant to retail and restaurant owners who rarely acquire the details of their customers)
  • Improve Existing Marketing Pieces by Applying The ‘Marketing Assets’. The marketing assets are clearly outlined in the Business Growth System Vault.
  • Change and Improve All Headlines (FYI the name of your business is NOT a headline)
  • Add A More Powerful Guarantee
  • Focus on your ‘Acres of Diamonds’ (customers, clients or patients)


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